Comprehensive HR Solutions and Outsourcing Services

随着企业继续应对COVID-19大流行对其业务的影响, demands on HR professionals and business owners continue to grow. More than one-third of businesses have reevaluated their existing HR solutions as a result of the pandemic*. Now is the time to leverage our comprehensive HR technology, 将见解付诸行动, and get back to business with the help of im体育网址.

What You Get with im体育网址 人力资源服务

Develop effective strategies 和更多的 confidently tackle your current and future HR challenges with the help of our comprehensive human resource solutions and outsourcing services which include:

  • Flexible next-generation mobile technology designed to help our clients simplify tasks for HR teams, 管理员, 和员工, 帮助您节省时间和金钱
  • Dedicated, proactive HR professionals 谁的平均任期是8年
  • Help planning, managing, and complying with applicable regulations and laws to help mitigate risk
  • 可靠和可行的建议 to help you manage the employee experience

im体育网址 Flex是如何工作的®

  • 使用数据驱动的见解


    做出明智的业务决策, 发现趋势, compare data against industry benchmarks, 建立商业案例.

  • Put more control at your employees’ fingertips

    Put more control at your employees’ fingertips

    Allow your employees to update personal information, 设立直接存款, perform employee/manager check-ins, complete self-evaluations or peer reviews, 获取税收和工资文件, and use e-signature on important documents.

  • Connect with employees in real time

    Connect with employees in real time

    im体育网址 Flex允许实时进行关键沟通. 员工可以提问, 提交请求, 报告事件和更多, all from any internet-enabled device.

  • Maintain workplace safety and compliance

    Maintain workplace safety and compliance

    为osha报告的事件准备文件,跟踪工作场所的伤害或疾病. You can also collect workforce data necessary to comply with federal EEO-1 reporting requirements.

  • 解锁的生产力


    在一个地方自动化关键文档管理活动. 只需几次点击,就可以与员工沟通或索取关键信息, 跟踪重要日期,以确保文件是最新的, organize documents in customizable categories, 和安全的电子标签批准.

Customers Value Their im体育网址 HR Professional

不像其他提供一般最佳实践和模板的服务, im体育网址 HR professionals apply their extensive knowledge, 研究, 以及为你的企业制定具体行动计划的经验.

im体育网址 HR Professional client satisfaction score


2021 世界上最具道德的公司 Logo

im体育网址 was honored by the Ethisphere Institute as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies for 2021. Being an 13-year honoree underscores im体育网址’s commitment to ethical business standards and practices, ensuring long-term value to key stakeholders including customers, 投资者, 和员工.


im体育网址 earned recognition as a “高级人力资源产品 of the Year” by HR Executive magazine and the HR Technology Conference & Exposition for the remote workforce enablement solutions included in its cloud-based SaaS platform, im体育网址 Flex®.


im体育网址 Flex被命名为Inc ..2017年,英国《im体育官网网址》发布了“2021年中小企业最佳人力资源外包”榜单, 被公认为最佳的小型企业人力资源外包公司.

HR Tech Award for Best Small Business Focused Solution

im体育网址 Flex received an HR Tech Award for Best Small and Medium Business (SMB)-focused Solution in the Core HR/Workforce category. The HR Tech Awards program, powered by Lighthouse Research & 咨询, is designed to give buyers a shortlist of vetted, capable providers specific to their needs.


im体育网址获得布兰登霍尔集团颁发的卓越技术银质奖章. 2020 marks the fourth consecutive year that im体育网址 Flex has been honored for “best advance in HR or workforce management technology for small and medium-sized businesses.”


im体育网址被《im体育官网网址》杂志评为2018年全球最具创新力公司, 在第一个. 76. 上榜的100家公司是由创新溢价(Innovation Premium)排名的.

im体育网址 was named one of FORTUNE 世界上最受尊敬的公司

im体育网址被《im体育官网网址》杂志评为2021年全球最受尊敬的公司, an honor that recognizes companies for their corporate reputation and outstanding financial performance.

im体育网址 was named a 2021 Stevie® Award silver winner for the Most Valuable COVID-19 Response by a Business Development Team.
销售冠军 & 客户服务

im体育网址连续五年获得Stevie卓越销售奖(Stevie Award For Excellence in Sales) & 客户服务. 今年, a panel of judges selected im体育网址 the company’s rapid response to the COVID-19 pandemic as a 2021 silver winner for the Most Valuable COVID-19 Response by a Business Development Team.

Having A Go-To Source Helps with Compliance  

With an ever-changing regulatory environment creating potential avenues for noncompliance and fines, 丹Banaitis of Building Bridges was pleased at how much time he saved and how much his concern level dropped by working with his dedicated im体育网址 HR Professional.

丹·巴奈提斯(丹Banaitis)是洛杉矶“搭建桥梁”项目的联合创始人和项目总监, 加州.

I had one specific source to go to and they answered all my questions and led me in the right direction.”


Simplifying HR Complexities with Personalized Support

im体育网址使科罗纳多酿酒公司的人力资源任务和职责变得简单, with training support from a dedicated HR professional and solutions that have provided real cost savings.

Coronado酿酒公司 Testimonial

im体育官网网址的专职人力资源经理,就好像她是im体育官网网址运作的一部分. She knows a lot of the employees on a first name basis. 她是家里的一员.


Manage Compliance Requirements Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic

业务合规非常困难——COVID-19使其变得更加困难, with rapid regulatory updates at the federal, 状态, 和地方各级. Having trouble keeping up with it all? im体育官网网址有200多名合规专业人员,监控影响im体育官网网址客户的变更.

Business owner getting compliance help


通过im体育网址 PEO释放资源,扩大你的福利1. Our complete HR outsourcing solution helps you to manage day-to-day business while gaining access to employee benefits and dedicated HR expertise your business might not otherwise be able to afford.

Business person using im体育网址 Flex


  • What are the different types of HR?

    What are the different types of HR?

    Human resources can include both day-to-day tasks and larger strategic initiatives for a business. 这些可能包括但不限于管理员工招聘和招聘, 确保遵守联邦法规, 状态, 以及当地的法律法规, 处理工资单, assessing and affecting 员工敬业度 levels, 执行工作场所政策

  • 人力资源如何帮助员工?


    人力资源可以在员工生命周期的每一个步骤中发挥积极作用. 人力资源团队通常在以下方面发挥着关键和积极的作用:

    • Hiring, recruiting, and onboarding: seeking quality job candidates and filling open positions, 申请人跟踪, conducting job interviews and background checks, 欢迎新员工, 和新的报告
    • 雇员补偿: 处理 工资,工资谈判
    • 选择和管理 团体健康保险 选项, 退休计划和其他 自愿的好处 (牙科,视觉,FSA, EAP等.)
    • 培训和发展: 工作路径,提供学习管理资源和绩效管理
    • 工作场所的政策:沟通和执行反骚扰和不歧视的规则, employee leave and time off benefits, 和员工行为, 和其他很多. 这些通常记录在 员工手册, which HR usually develops, maintains, and updates as needed.
    • 员工认可计划:识别员工和团队所取得的里程碑(如工作纪念日)
    • Employee separation and termination: 需求 眼镜蛇 根据州、地方和联邦法律的要求,福利、过渡计划、维护记录.
    • 公司文化: cultivating and reinforcing company culture, 工作场所的士气, 员工敬业度, 和激发员工的积极性.
  • 什么是人力资源外包服务?


    人力资源团队的责任比以往任何时候都多, HR professionals may feel str等hed thin or overwhelmed by their workloads as they look to keep up with regulations, 管理培训和发展, 吸引人才, 和管理效益. By outsourcing some or all of your HR responsibilities, you can face these and other challenges head-on, 并把时间花在更紧迫的业务方面. Human resources outsourcing services can help HR teams achieve their goals with solutions such as automated 福利管理, 自定义人力资源支持, 合规支持服务, 和学习管理. 一个在线, mobile-friendly HR platform can help you eliminate inefficiencies and inaccuracies that you may experience when updating and managing data that resides in multiple places.

  • 人力资源技术是做什么的?


    拥有有效的人力资源解决方案软件是任何健全的人力资源战略的基础. An integrated HR technology solution enables a single employee record across multiple areas of the business and allows employers to customize how they use the system based on their specific needs. This includes choosing the modules that make sense for them, 比如招聘申请, 福利管理, 时间和考勤. This customization lets companies invest in their priorities, helping make their most important processes more efficient. This model helps control costs and makes it possible to scale technology when business needs change, requiring a different amount of HR technology support.